Unser Team - Our Team

Our team in Germany

From left to right:

Peter Hammerschmidt, Director of Product Management / Oktawian Kucharczyk, Warehouse & Logistic Centre Europe / Tomek Mocia, Manager Distribution Centre Europe / Christopher Haas (left), Evelyn Setzer, Marketing Europe / Simone Hermann, Sales & Header of Customer Service / Peter Büttner, Sales Director Europe / Benedikt Becker, Sales Europe / Wolfgang Schwerber, IT / Carolin Bausch, Sales Europe / Zuzana Stalmachova, Accounting

Peter Hammerschmidt, Director of Product Management

Zuzana Stalmachova, Head of Accounting

Peter Büttner, Sales Director Europe

Sylvia Becker, Accounting

Carolin Bausch, Purchasing, Sales & System Manager

Simone Hermann, Sales & Head of Customer Service

Benedikt "Bene" Becker, Sales Europe

Wolfgang Schwerber, IT & Communications

Evelyn Setzer, Marketing Europe

Stefan Zelle, Sales Germany

Pascal Angelbeck, Events

Our team in Groß-Umstadt

 Our Team at the Warehouse & Logistic Centre Europe in Groß-Umstadt

Tomasz Mocia, Manager Distribution Centre Europe

Octawian Kucharczyk, Warehouse & Logistic Centre Europe


Diana Prokopowicz, Warehouse & Logistic Centre Europe

Grzegorz Kolodziej, Warehouse & Logistic Centre Europe


Our Customer Service Team in Groß-Umstadt

Corina Horn, Customer Service

Jessica da Silva Ribeiro, Customer Service

Silke Raab, Customer Service

Our team in the UK

Philip Smith, Marketing & Sales director, ASSOS SBO UK & IE

Garry Hurst, Sales Manager UK & IE

Our team in France

Karl Zoetemelk, Marketing & Sales director, ASSOS SBO France

Caroline Giraud, Sales & Customer Service SBO France

Our team in Benelux

Janus Verlaeckt, Sales Benelux

Bram van Dinther, Sales The Netherlands

Our team in the Nordics

Lars Errebo, Sales Director, ASSOS SBO Nordics

Rasmus Bøgel, Sales & Marketing Manager,

Jesper Sørensen, Sales, ASSOS SBO Nordics

Our agent in Spain & Portugal, Bike Office

Marie Gomez, Bike Office

Albert Alfageme, Bike Office

Eric Sartor, Bike Office

Our "team" in Switzerland

Erich Gutweniger, ASSOS SBO Switzerland